Nismo COPPERMIX Silvia (TT-02D) drift spec

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Tamiya: TT-02 chassis/EP DRIFT KIT
As a drift machine that Nismo was produced. which is responsible for Nissans motor sport. it is Nismo COPPERMIX Sylvia electric radio control car assembly kit that appeared to Nismo Festival of 2004.
Stylish S15 type Silvia of body form a reproduced realistically made of polycarbonate.
Flashy markings weve prepared a sticker.
Chassis drift tune the TT-02 of the shaft drive 4WD.
Fitted with a dedicated plastic drift tire of the plating finish of the mesh design wheel. suspension also tuning with CVA oil damper.
In addition. the drive system is full bearing specifications.
The Sport-Tuned motor equipped with an aluminum motor heat sink to prevent the motor of heat anyone.
In addition. the brake disk-style wheel hub is also set forth.
It is a model that a lot enjoy thrilling drift traveling in flashy marking of the body.
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¡ú completed at the time of the full-length 444mm. overall width 187mm. with overall height 132mm torque Tuned Motor
[What you purchase separately]
¡ü Fine specs 2.4G electric RC drive set
¡ü power supply for transmitter (4 AA batteries)
¢¨ posted image is what you have assembled the kit.