Racing Fighter (DT-03 chassis)

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[Vehicle feeling full of sharp single-seater buggy form attractive]
From on-road to off-road motorized radio control 2WD buggy assembly kit to enjoy nimble driving anywhere.
Racing Fighter slim form is features reminiscent of a single-seater buggy of the actual vehicle.
Shaping the image of a frame that is on both sides of the long nose is also impressive.
Body and the rear wing is lightly strong polycarbonate to shock. even color ring also finished in easily with marking sticker.
Chassis is easy to assemble with a simple configuration. it adopted the DT-03 of the rear-wheel drive.

[Running stability outstanding off-road chassis. adopt the DT-03]
DT-03 chassis of the rear-wheel drive adopts high monocoque frame strength in the lightweight and slim.
Vertical travel for the battery is is mounted from the top of the monocoque. RC mechanism is also high-balanced design that was set on the center line of the vehicle body.
Moreover. set the wheel base to 287mm. you can enjoy a run with a sense of stability even in the road surface rough by the long wheelbase.
In addition. the suspension to capture the bad road supple. the double wishbone 4-wheel independent of the long arm equipped with a friction damper.
Tire triple rib pattern. the rear wheels to the front wheels is excellent in the direction of was fitted with a square spike to exert a sufficient grip not choose the road surface.
In addition. ensure the traction of the drive wheel gear box is mounted on the rear end.
In it sealed to prevent the sand and pebble intrusion. creating a smooth cornering a built-Diff.

Basic Specifications
Length: 400mm
Width: 244mm
Height: 134mm
wheelbase 287mm
Tread = front 222mm / rear 208mm
Tire width / diameter = before 23 / 81mm. after the 41 / 86mm
frame = monocoque type
Drivetrain: rear-wheel drive
Front method = 3 Bevel
steering tie rod = 2 split
both the front and rear Suspension: Double wishbone
Gear Ratio = 9.28: 1
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)
Motor = RS540 type

[Apart from what you purchase]
Fine specs 2.4G electric RC drive set
4 AA batteries for the transmitter