3 days limited special price M-07 CONCEPT chassis kit

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\20,304 JPY
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\15,510 JPY
Total length = 332 mm Picture is the assembled kit

Compact Chassis Kit pursuing maneuverability and pleasure to run
M-07 CONCEPT is a compact chassis pursuing light driving performance and controllability unique to front-wheel drive and sticking to maintainability.
The mainframe ensures rigidity as a monocoque type of upper and lower dividing a combination of a resin lower deck and an upper frame.
Moreover. the replacement of the differential gear reduces disassembly parts around the foot as much as possible. it is accessible from the bottom and maintainability is also good.
Suspension is independent of the double wishbone equipped with CVA oil damper.
Designed exclusively for long arm and linkage. it is also characterized by a wide setting width.
In addition. we realized a drive system with no loss. such as full bearings specifications. oil sealed gear differentials and universal shafts.
Two types of 239 mm and 225 mm wheel bases can be selected.
I am looking forward to picking up a rich array of M chassis body.

[Main equipment parts]
Monocoque type frame of upper and lower split type
Long suspension arm with wide setting width
CVA oil damper
Full bearing specification
Oil enclosed type gear differential
Universal shaft
High Torque Servo Saber

Basic Specification
Chassis length 332 mm (including bumper)
Chassis width 164 mm
Two types of wheel base 239 mm. 225 mm can be selected
Frame = Monocoque type with upper and lower split type
Drive system = front midship motor · front wheel drive
differential gear = oil enclosed type gear differential
Steering = 3 tie rod type
Suspension = 4 Wheel Double Wishbone
Damper = CVA oil damper
9 types of gear ratio = 7.22: 1 to 4.81: 1 (5.78: 1 when using the 20T pinion included in the kit)
Speed ​​controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

What you need separately
M body for chassis
540 type motor
RC Mechanical: Ekusupekku GT-I 2.4G (set for electric R / C car)
Batteries for running. chargers
Power supply for transmitter