Volkswagen Beetle Rally (MF - 01X chassis)

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Total length = 397 mm The photo shows the kit assembled and painted

Fun dart running with real body of original color
Since its inception in 1949. it has a rounded humorous style. an air-cooled horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine with the necessary and sufficient power mounted on the rear. Volkswagen loved around the world with a simple and practical room · Beetle (type 1).
Along with small exhaust volume but light weight. combined with durability and good serviceability to withstand abuse in rough roads. he showed active in the world rally from the 1950s to the early 80s.
It is an assembling kit of electric R / C car which imaged the beetle that participated in such a rally.
The body is made of lightweight and strong shock-resistant polycarbonate. I modeled the unique form as plentifully as possible. and the front and rear bumpers and door mirrors were reproduced with plated parts.
We also set up light pods and stickers to enhance the rally mood.
It is a pleasant one with a real feeling dart running.

Expanding driving scenes. compact size shaft 4WD. MF-01 X chassis
The chassis adopts a compact size 4WD. MF - 01 X. which enables you to enjoy running without choosing the road surface from on - road to dart. The right-and-left split type monocoque frame of high strength also integrated the gear box and also pursued ease of assembly.
The motor is mounted on the rear end. the gear transmits the power to the rear wheels. and the propeller shaft transmits the power to the front wheels.
A differential gear is equipped in the front and rear closed gear case to realize smooth cornering.
In addition. we set the battery for running almost in the center of the car body and the weight balance is also good. The suspension is a double wishbone with four friction dampers mounted.
The upright · hub carrier adopted for the M - 05Ra chassis corresponding to the off - road driving. and attached the rally block tire.

Basic Specification
Length 397 mm. Width 163 mm. Total Height 151 mm
Wheel base = 239 mm (L size)
Body weight Approximately 1100 g (excluding RC mecha · battery)
Tire width / diameter = both front and rear 26 / 60mm
Tread = front and rear 138 mm
Frame = Monocoque type
Drive system = shaft drive 4WD
Differential gear = 3 bevel type
Steering = 2 split tie rod type
Suspension = Double Wishbone 4-wheel independent
Damper = Friction both before and after
Gear ratio = 9.5: 1
With 540 type motor
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

What you need separately
FineSpec 2.4G electric RC drive set
Four AA size batteries for transmitter