F104 PROII (with type 2017 body)

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Tamiya: F1 C car chassis
Body with latest trend included and brilliant driving
F1 Grand Prix in 2017 when big regulation change was done.
It is an assembly kit of the electric RC formula car which carries the original body reproduced plenty of realization of the redesigned style.
Polycarbonate body features sharp nose and side pontoon with narrowed down.
We also prepared barge boards. vertical wings and induction pods in separate parts.
Furthermore. by dividing the lower side of the side pontoon. it is possible to reproduce further refinement of the body.
In addition. complicated front wings with receding angles made up of 3D curved surfaces and rear wings with low mounting positions are also impressive. and finished with a high sense of scale is attractive.

F104 PROII chassis further refined sharp running of direct drive 2WD]
The chassis is based on a vertically placed battery. direct drive 2WD. F104 which adopted 3P suspension in a lightweight. simple double deck frame.
We improved each part by adding modifiers.
The front suspension is a link type using a suspension arm with a flat cross section. independent right and left by kingpin / coil spring.
The rear adopts rigid type which controls T bar with friction plate and TRF damper.
Equipped with aluminum ball differential which can replace the tire without disassembling. full bearing specification.
I also stuck to driving efficiency and maintainability.
In addition. the tire was made of hollow rubber with texture and inner sponge was also prepared.

Basic Specification
Total length 440 mm. full width 180 mm. total height 88 mm
Wheel base 270 mm
Tread = F: 150 mm R: 145 mm
Tire Width / Diameter = F: 30 / 64mm R: 35 / 64mm
Frame = FRP double deck
Drive system = Landscape motor rear direct drive 2WD
Differential Gear = Ball Def
Steering = equal length 2 split tie rod type
Suspension = front: left and right independent rear by kingpin / coil spring: T bar rigid
Gear Ratio = 4.16: 1 (25T Pinion / 104T Spur Gear Used)
Motor = 540 type (sold separately)
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

What you need separately
FineSpec 2.4G electric RC drive set
Four AA size batteries for transmitter