Comical Hornet (WR-02CB chassis)

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\9,800 JPY
Running with plenty of action is too fun! ]
A Hornet that debuted in 1984 and created the boom of 2WD off-road cars.
It is an assembly kit of the electric radio control car which deformed this Hornet pretty.
The body and rear wing are light and durable made of polycarbonate. with an easy-to-use form that emphasizes the cockpit by tightly shrinking back and forth.
There is also a sticker for marking and a mask sticker that is convenient for painting the window separately. and the body is finished easily just by painting in black and sticking the sticker.
In addition. 5mm diameter LED sold separately can be incorporated into the front and rear light cases to create a feeling of realism.
In addition. attention is paid to the driver doll in a T-shirt. which makes running fun.
In addition to the five eye expression stickers. the helmet is a separate part of the visor and chin guard. so it is finished in various specifications.
The chassis is a rear wheel drive WR-02CB that can be played anywhere from a paved road to an uneven off road.
It is a fun-filled playmate who can enjoy the performance up and setting with the optional parts for the abundant WR-02.

[WR-02CB chassis of rear wheel drive packed with fun to run]
The chassis adopts the WR-02CB based on the rear wheel drive WR-02. By devising the mounting position of the motor and the battery. it is easy to run. it can be easily wheely. and it does not choose the place to run from on-road to off-road.
In addition. the gear case that is a little cumbersome to assemble is the point that is completed with the motor attached.
The CVA oil damper is mounted on the long suspension arm for stable running even on rough off-roads.
In addition. the side of the chassis protects the motor from an accidental fall and sets a side guard that brings out the buggy.
The wheelie bar mounted at the rear not only prevents falling when wheely but also can adjust the wheelie run by changing the mounting angle.
The two-piece wheel is an eye-catching colorful combination of orange and white.
Tire sets straight rib pattern with high stability straight at the front and round block with grip at the rear.
The round. unique shape of the bubble tire adds to the comical mood.

[Basic specs]
Length: 356 mm. Width: 244 mm. Height: 191 mm
Wheel base 170 mm
Car weight = about 1270g (RC mechanical battery not included)
Motor = 540 type
Drive system = rear wheel 2 wheel drive
Tire width / diameter = front 46/95 mm. rear 56/98 mm
Tread = front: 189 mm. rear: 186 mm
Frame = resin monocoque type
Differential gear system = 3 bevel differential
Steering tie rod = 2 split
Suspension (both before and after) = double wishbone
Damper = CVA oil damper
Gear ratio = 1: 18.3

[What to buy separately]
Fine spec 2.4G electric RC drive set
4 AA batteries for transmitter