Toyota GR Yaris (M-05 chassis)

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\10,620 JPY
Total length = 372 mm The photo shows the kit assembled and painted.

[Light drive the attention sports hatch with an RC car]
The 3-door compact hatch sports car released in September 2020 is the Toyota GR Yaris.
Equipped with a 1.6-liter in-line 3-cylinder turbo engine with a maximum output of 272 horsepower. high power grades RZ and RZ high performance combined with the sports 4WD system GR-FOUR. competition base model RC. and high performance We have a lineup of FF model RS that you can easily enjoy driving.
It is an assembly kit of an electric radio control car that reproduces this sports hatch developed with the idea of reversal. which is to commercialize a vehicle for motor sports.
The powerful form of the large radiator grille. wide overhanging rear fender. spoiler at the rear end of the roof. etc. is reproduced with polycarbonate.
The wheel arch part has been cut. bright red and black. and the window part is painted with smoke.
The chassis uses a front-wheel drive M-05 that allows you to enjoy light driving.
A hollow rubber tire with a tread pattern engraved on a black 11-spoke wheel allows you to enjoy a light ride.

[Adopts a well-balanced front-wheel drive chassis. M-05]
The chassis adopts front-wheel drive M-05.
The resin semi-monocoque frame. which is lightweight. slim. strong. and easy to assemble. has a gearbox. motor. running battery. receiver. servo. and ESC arranged from the front. In addition to optimizing the weight distribution. the center of gravity has also been lowered.
The wheelbase is set to 239mm.
The steering is a 3-split wiper.
Combined with the geometry of the front suspension. it provides high stability even when cornering.
Double wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension with excellent ground contact.
In addition. the 11-spoke wheels are a fearless black color.
An inner sponge is also built into the hollow rubber tire for the M chassis with the tread pattern engraved.

[Basic specifications]
Overall length 372 mm. overall width 168 mm. overall height 137 mm
Wheelbase 239mm
138mm before and after the tread
Tire width / diameter = 25/59 mm for both front and rear
Frame = monocoque type
Drive system = front midship motor / front wheel drive
Diff gear = 3 bevels
Steering = 3-split tie rod type
Suspension = 4-wheel double wishbone
Damper = Friction both front and back
Gear ratio = 5.8: 1
Motor = 540 type
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

[Items to be purchased separately]
Fine spec 2.4G electric RC drive set
4 AA batteries for transmitter