special price Super Avante (TD4 chassis)

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\34,980 JPY
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\24,600 JPY
Kit Bargain Item/EP OFF ROAD KIT
[Next-generation 4WD buggy with advanced aerodynamics and driving performance for both chassis and body]
It is an assembly kit of 4WD racing buggy that inherits the name of Avante which can be said to be the icon of Tamiyas electric RC car.
A front inboard suspension is used to achieve a slim form that thoroughly suppresses vehicle height.
The drive system is a shaft drive 4WD with the motor placed horizontally in the midship.
Equipped with ball differentials on the front and rear. making it a full bearing specification.
Kota Nezu is in charge of the smooth body design with curved surface composition. which is full of futurist mood.
In addition to the cockpit. three transparent parts are provided to show the inside. creating a mechanical mood.
In addition. at the rear of the cockpit. the aerodynamic item buttress used in the actual super sports car is reproduced with separate parts. and it is also characterized by having small fenders on the four wheels.

[Adopts a shaft drive 4WD TD4 chassis that pursues a lower center of gravity]
It is a shaft drive 4WD buggy chassis that features a slim body structure that suppresses the vehicle height by adopting an inboard front suspension.
The running battery is placed vertically in the center of the car body. and the motor is mounted horizontally on the midship.
Heavy objects are collected in the center of the car body to improve mobility.
The drive system is a full bearing specification equipped with ball differentials in the front and rear sealed gear boxes.
The steering system transmits the movement of the steering servo mounted on the left side to the steering arm divided into three parts via the two link rods and the crank arm.
Double wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension with CVA oil damper.
The camber angle can be adjusted by using a turnbuckle shaft on the upper arm.
In addition. two types of wing stays. high and low. are available.
The star dish wheels are equipped with square spike tires that provide excellent grip on dirt roads.

[Basic specifications]
Overall length 387 mm. overall width 246 mm. overall height 117 mm (wing stay low position)
Wheelbase 283mm
Tread = front 214mm. rear 205mm
Mainframe = resin bathtub type
Drive system = Shaft drive 4WD
Diff gear = ball diff both front and rear
Steering = 3-split tie rod type
Suspension = double wishbone 4-wheel independent
Tire width / diameter = front 32 / 82mm. rear 41 / 82mm
Damper = CVA oil damper
Gear ratio = 10.71: 1
540 type motor (sold separately)
Full bearing specifications
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

[Items to be purchased separately]
540 type motor
RC mechanism: 2-channel radio set (transmitter. receiver. ESC. servo)
Battery for driving. charger
Power supply for transmitter