Astute 2022 (TD2 chassis)

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\29,480 JPY
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\25,050 JPY
[A new evolution of the 2WD buggy that was particular about driving]
This is an assembly kit for an electric radio control car that inherits the name of Astute. a middle-class rear-wheel drive buggy that appeared in 1989.
Kota Nezu of znug design is in charge of the smooth body that suppresses the vehicle height.
A driver doll is mounted on the cockpit. and small front and rear fenders are also featured.
In addition. two types of rear wing stays. high and low. are available. and downforce can be set.
The chassis adopts a monocoque frame. and the motor is mid-engined.
A structure that secures the traction of the rear tires by placing the heavy running battery horizontally on the rear.
In addition. rib pattern tires are installed on the front and square spike tires are installed on the rear.
It is an evolution of the 2WD buggy that pursues the enjoyment of light driving and aims for easy-to-use and controllable handling.

[Adopts a well-balanced midship motor and rear-wheel drive TD2 chassis]
It is a rear-wheel drive chassis that suppresses the vehicle height by adopting an inboard front suspension and centrally arranges the mechanism on the monocoque frame in a well-balanced manner.
The motor is mounted horizontally on the midship. and the running battery is mounted horizontally near the rear. so that the drive wheels are fully loaded.
The sealed gearbox has a built-in ball diff with a limited slip effect.
Double wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension equipped with CVA oil damper with high shock absorption.
The camber angle can be adjusted using a turnbuckle shaft on the upper arm.
In addition. the front has an attack angle of 25 degrees. which is ideal for a 2WD buggy. and the dampers are also tilted to create smooth movement.
The front wheels are equipped with rib patterns with excellent directional stability. and the rear wheels are equipped with square spike tires with sufficient grip.
In addition. the front wheel has a hexagonal hub specification.

[Basic specifications]
Overall length 387 mm. overall width 246 mm. overall height 125 mm (wing stay low position)
Wheelbase 284mm
Tread = front 215mm. rear 205mm
Mainframe = resin bathtub type
Drive system = rear wheel drive
Diff gear = ball diff
Steering = 3-split tie rod type
Suspension = double wishbone 4-wheel independent
Tire width / diameter = front 27 / 79mm. rear 41 / 82mm
Damper = CVA oil damper
Gear ratio = 10.71: 1 (when using the kit standard 17T pinion)
540 type motor (sold separately)
Full bearing specifications
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

[Items to be purchased separately]
540 type motor
RC mechanism: 2-channel radio set (transmitter. receiver. ESC. low profile servo)
Driving battery. charger
Power supply for transmitter