Thunder Shot (2022)

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\18,480 JPY
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\16,630 JPY
Overall length = 390 mm The photo shows the kit assembled and partially painted.
* The body is painted.

[Improved / reprinted version of the basic 4WD buggy loved by many fans]
It is a reproduction model of Thunder Shot. an assembly kit of the basic 4WD buggy released in 1987.
The body. which consists of the smooth lines of the forward cockpit. is made of polycarbonate.
The canopy part is transparent. the body body is white. and the nose and the rear part of the side pontoon are painted blue. and it has been cut.
In addition. a separate type large rear wing that enhances the downforce of the rear is also available.
The wings are painted white and cut.

[Shaft drive 4WD chassis that is easy to assemble and maintain]
The chassis is a shaft drive 4WD that mounts the motor in the midship and uses the shaft for power transmission.
The RC mechanism is built into the lightweight and strong ABS resin bathtub frame. and it is also easy to maintain by docking the front and rear gearboxes with the suspension attached.
The suspension has a simple structure of upper / I arm and lower / H arm. but double wishbone 4-wheel independent with excellent ground contact.
Equipped with one CVA oil damper on the front and two on the rear. and a stabilizer on the front with a single damper specification.
Achieves supple driving.
In addition. the front and rear sealed gear cases have a built-in unit type differential gear.
Uses an aluminum motor mount with high accuracy and rigidity. and excellent heat dissipation.
The four wheels are equipped with spiked tires that provide sufficient grip.
From on-road to off-road. it is a nice point to run anywhere.

[Basic specifications]
Overall length 390 mm. overall width 240 mm. overall height 135 mm
Wheelbase = 260mm
Minimum ground clearance = 23mm
Tread = front 203mm / rear 194mm
Frame = resin bathtub type
Tire width / diameter = 38 / 83mm for both front and rear
Drive system = Shaft drive 4WD
Diff gear method = 3 bevel differentials for both front and rear
Steering tie rod = 3 divisions
Suspension = double wishbone 4-wheel independent
Gear ratio = 7.68: 1
Motor = 540 type
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

[Items to be purchased separately]
Fine spec 2.4G electric RC drive set
4 AA batteries for transmitter