TB-04 PRO Chassis Kit

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\20,860 JPY
Tamiya: TB-04 chassis
It is a chassis kit 4WD touring car while making the merit of driving efficiency of the shaft drive 4WD [new shaft drive 4WD won the traction motor stability by every side] . improved further handling . And vertically to the right traction battery . and up the stability during acceleration and horizontal in the rear left motor . Suspension Independent four-wheel double wishbone with a short reversible suspension arm . The carbon damper stay front and rear . I was fitted with a TRF damper Short . In addition . steering tie rod long formula utilizing the know-how of pure racer TRF417. Optimized for on-road race Ackerman . Habukyariya is set to 6 degree caster angle with an emphasis on straightness . Giyadefu you have modular back and forth was also equipped . By the running feel stress-free . Kezuritoreru to ensure that lap time in the race RC . it is high-performance weapon .

Main equipment parts]
Touring Car Short aluminum damper (TRF short damper ) four
Aluminum Short damper Front Carbon Damper Stay (3mm thick)
Aluminum Short damper Rear Carbon Damper Stay (3mm thick)
Aluminum propeller shaft
OP.1249 3 32mm Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft
OP.1250 3 42mm Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft
OP.642 5mm aluminum pillow ball ( Blue )
OP.869 5mm aluminum short ball nut ( Blue )
OP.640 5mm aluminum ball nut ( Blue )
SP. 1000 High Torque Servo Saver ( Black )
Full Ball Bearings
Assembly Universal Shaft ( 2 pcs.)

Basic Specifications
Chassis length 381mm
Chassis width 185mm
Wheelbase: 257mm
Tread : 161mm front and rear
Bathtub Type Frame =
Motor shaft drive 4WD drive system every side =
Front = oil -filled Giyadefu
Steering : 3-piece tie-rod
Suspension : 4-wheel double wishbone
damper = TRF short damper
( kit standard 6.60:1 spur 66T. pinion 25T) 10 kinds to gear ratio = 7.86:1 5.50:1 -
Motor sold separately
Speed ​​controller = ESC specification ( sold separately)

[ Which you purchase separately ]
Ekusupekku GT-I 2.4G ( electric RC car for set )
4 3 form this battery for transmitter single
Tamiya traction battery & charger
body . tire . Type 540 motor