M-07R chassis kit

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[TRF equipped with carefully selected parts to rank up the driving performance]
The compact chassis M-07 CONCEPT. which also pursues the nimble driving and maneuverability unique to the front wheel drive and is also easy to maintain. is equipped with optional parts carefully selected based on the know-how acquired by TRF in many races.
I further strengthened the fighting ability in the race.
A combination of a high traction lower deck that generates an effective twist to improve the trackability and a carbon battery holder for exclusive use. and a TRF special damper. a reinforced suspension arm. an upright. a rear stabilizer. etc.. for tune-up.
Effective at special venues and low grip surfaces.
Furthermore. in addition to oil-filled gear differentials and full bearing specifications. we are also pursuing more efficient drive systems. such as double Cardan drive shafts. aluminum differential joint cups. and hard-coated aluminum pinions.

Main equipment parts
Carbon battery holder
Rear stabilizer
TRF special damper (hard black coat) 4
42312 Double Cardan drive shaft (33 sizes 2)
OP.1812 M-07 CONCEPT high traction lower deck
OP. 1811 M-07 CONCEPT reinforced D parts (suspend arm) 2 sheets
OP.1810 M-07 CONCEPT reinforced C parts (upright) 2 sheets
OP.1756 3 106 mm aluminum turnbuckle shaft
OP.1532 TA06 Aluminum differential joint cup for gear differential (2 pieces)
OP. 823 clamp type aluminum wheel hub (5 mm thick)
OP. 917 2.6 mm titanium coated suspension shaft set for reversible suspension
OP.851 46mm titanium coated suspension shaft (2)
OP.509 06 Fusso hard coat aluminum pinion (for 20T / F201)
Full bearing specification
High torque servo saver (black)

[Basic specs]
Chassis length 332mm (including bumper)
Chassis width 164mm
Two types of wheel base 239 mm and 225 mm can be selected
Frame = upper and lower split type monocoque type
Drive system = front midship motor · front wheel drive
Differential gear = oil filled gear differential
steering = 3 split tie rod type
Suspension: 4 wheels double wishbone
Damper = TRF special damper (hard black coat)
9 types of gear ratio = 7.22: 1 to 4.81: 1 (5.78: 1 when using the 20T pinion included with the kit)
Speed controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

[What to buy separately]
Body for M chassis
540 type motor
-RC mechanism: Ekupepu GT-I 2.4G (set for electric RC car)
Battery for traveling. charger
Power supply for transmitter