Thunder Shot Mk.II Pink Special

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\1,188 JPY
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\770 JPY
Special kit with attractive combination of pink and white
It is a plastic model assembly kit of a four-wheel drive racer with high performance and fun with lace.
A double shaft motor with the shaft at both ends of the motor extended is mounted on the center of the car to achieve high driving efficiency.
The MS chassis consists of three parts: nose. center and tail. and it is easy to detach with one touch. Speedy and wide setting change can be enjoyed.
Thunder Shot Mk.II Pink Special is a combination of pink body and fluorescent pink tire in white chassis. pop car coloring attention special machine.
N-02. T-01 unit is a reinforced type made of ABS resin blended with glass fiber. A barrel tire is attached to the large and light weight wheel of the white collar in the back and forth.
The sticker is exclusively for the body color.
MS Chassis The three-part MS Chassis which realizes excellent rigidity is a MidShip (MS) layout in which heavy parts such as motors and batteries are arranged in the center of the chassis and a 4WD (four wheel drive) mechanism of the mini 4WD tradition It demonstrates excellent stability even at high speeds.