Nissan Be-1 Blue version

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\1,080 JPY
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\700 JPY
MINI 4WD Special Events
Run the popular Pikker in the 1980s with Mini 4WD
As the first Pikker with a distinctive design. I made Nissan Be-1 popularized in 1987 as a mini 4WD.
The cute body is blue and the window is light smoke parts.
Preparing lights. emblems. license plates etc with stickers will make you feel full of feeling.
Chassis type 3. gear ratio set 11.2: 1.
I mounted a tire carving a tread pattern on the white wheel.

Adopted type 3 chassis active in almighty
The type 3 chassis features a high ground clearance that allows traveling regardless of road surface.
Drilling holes in the chassis body and motor car bar. weight saving. as well as cooling effect of the motor is outstanding.
Just a simple configuration. the wide range of setting is also one of the attractions.
It is a chassis that has a lot of skill to build.

Basic Specification
Total length 130 mm at completion. 86 mm overall width. 52 mm overall height
With motor
Assembly is an inlay type with no adhesive required

What you need separately
Two AA batteries