NuruNuru masking (slender brush with) Pink

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\648 JPY
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\510 JPY
It is a convenient liquid masking for each color foil plating. etc.. Appeared in two types of clear that does not interfere with the color of the underlying pink and good visibility!

¡ü Features
Slender brush with the firm also able to paint small place!
There is no need to wash the brush.
Surface is not uneven there is depth as plating wheels. and is ideal for surface. such as not swelling well with masking tape.
Can be cut by a cutter after masking the dry place to run-off. Because the liquid type. you can mask well even paint thinner.
You can also use masking purposes other than. even as a replacement of the protective film is clear type.
¢¨ When you are without the use of a long period of time. the pigment is precipitated. Please use it after stirring the liquid.

¡ü Drying time
¢£ thick ... 10 minutes ¢£ It is thin ... 20 minutes ¢¨ The aim time. I depends on the use and the amount of work environment and the drying time.