Mazda Savanna Coupe GT Racing Specifications

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\7,452 JPY
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\6,070 JPY
MAZDA/200mm or more body
It is a monumental model that stopped the record of consecutive wins of the great famous car Savannah Nissan Skyline GT-R that laid the foundation of rotary sports that continues to date. and further recorded 100 wins in total. which determined the sports image of the rotary engine.
It has a lightweight body. a powerful and sturdy engine. and is popular as a sports car with high performance but low vehicle price and excellent cost performance. It has first-class performance comparable to the Skyline GT-R and Fairlady Z. Although it is a sports car with a car. it was loved by private players because of the low cost of tune and maintenance.
The history of Japanese sports cars would have changed without this car. which led the touring car race of the 70s and has been handed down as an eternal rival of the Skyline.

A hot model that comes with racing decals and over fender parts that enhance marginal performance in addition to the normal Savannah Coupe GT body set! The strong and powerful silhouette that is not found in modern cars that have been calculated and refined is unique to cars of this era.
Reproduce the massive and powerful power reminiscent of an American muscle car here!

¡¦ Body length / Length: 456mm
¡¦ Body width / Width: 200mm
¡¦ Wheelbase: 260mm
¡¦ Accessories Decals. masking film. special illuminated light covers. over fender parts