Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III (Larry Ver.)

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MITSUBISHI/190194mm Body
The win in the rally just born for just that . the evolution Lancer Evolution which became the center of attention at all times . Lancer Evolution III that are classified as first generation in the history of Evo sports sedan ultimate decorating the end of the first generation . Intact the mechanism that has been aged in II. it is a machine highly accomplished in pursuit of the best balance engine tune up and aerodynamic is given . It played a role you want to tow a great deal of scene is a model of the rally machine from the height of its maturity . Compared to the Evo design in deep sophisticated conceptual current . Evo first generation is a quaint and said Tuned Car of heavily armed in the rustic were added in sequence parts of the retrofit to existing car . But . what it is a charm that can not be car in recent years . huge rear spoiler of the biggest feature is familiar from mania is also referred to as Mazinger Z Wing in particular .

And there are there that should not be forgotten in talking about the Evo III. Rally driver from Finland is Tommi Makinen . It is a rally driver who left a great record to say four years in a row WRC champion titles . and total victory number 24 times . He joined Mitsubishi Ralliart in 1995 . to get the laurels of drivers champion four times in Lancer Evolution thereafter . In addition. it is a name driver Invites Manufacturers Champion for the first time in Mitsubishi . was achieved a long-cherished wish of 26 years Mitsubishi WRC race in 1998 . There is a tendency to reduce the scale and budget of the rally at the request of Mitsubishi headquarters in 1996 Evo and Tommi Makinen was detonated their strength . which was a single system of Tommi Makinen . However . the team did their best to take the title and become united . Showed a remarkable activity to draw out the potential of the Evo had the aerodynamics technology and missing jump among the WRC car at the time . and immovable in his name . Name recognition and popularity of the Lancer Evolution is growing worldwide this activity is a powerful commercial . I am proud of the popularity of the top class in Japan car overseas . was active in a number of foreign film from the intensity of a fierce character in that tough .

Racing car body of legendary color the circuit is re- appeared in the Limited Edition through the hot demand ! Six light pod rally specification decal . roof air intake . of the force . special edition production of full-color manual with to set these . Realistic even the mold line of the light pod in Six light pod dedicated backing decal !
01 super body Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III ( Larry Ver.) Is to obtain a permanent license Mitsubishi Motors Corporation . Ltd. from Ralliart .

clear body data
length [Length] ... 454mm width [Width] ... 190mm Wheelbase [Wheelbase] ... 260mm
Accessories [With] ... Larry specification decal . masking film . only light cover . roof air intake . Six light pod . full color paint guide

The body is painted for advertising . The actual product is a clear body of unpainted .
traction chassis . wheels . tires . muffler . license plate is not included .