Isuzu Gigatrecta

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\10,584 JPY
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\6,350 JPY
Parts Bargain Item/Other (vehicle manufacturer)/185189mm Body
Isuzu GIGA tractor RC body that was developed as a part of the project commemorating the 40th anniversary of Radicon magazine magazine. Based on the generous cooperation of Isuzu Motors it is a quality that can not be thought of as a clear polycarbonate that realized the attention to detail. Realized cabin lowdown which makes it stylish for both coloring of normal and racing specifications.
Applicable chassis: Tamiya TT - 01 TT - 02 series reference material (PDF)

Body data
Length / Length ... 416 mm Width / Width ... 189 mm Overall Height / Height ... 226 mm Wheelbase / Wheelbase ... 260 mm
HD decal masking film

The body of the photograph is a completed painting example. Actual product will be unpainted clear body.
This product chassis for running tires wheels illuminated LED lights etc. are not included.
This product has been commercialized under the permission of Isuzu Motors Corporation.