Nissan Sileighty

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NISSAN/195〜199mm Body
The Sileighty. it is a vehicle that was born to use the compatibility of vehicles brother as S13 Silvia and 180SX.
It is said that it was born in that 180SX damaged the front. it has been repaired to swap the face of the S13 Silvia is the origin.
But as they became explosive by also appeared in famous cartoon then. the styling is attention.
Become the subject by the hand of Nissan dealers and system tuning shop in Nagoya. new car Nissan genuine treatment was released in late 90.
In addition. the vehicle of a pattern reverse to the Sileighty (front S13 Silvia 180SX. the rear) that 240SX is present in the North American specification for the Nissan.

Body data / Body Specification

Overall length (Length) ... 465mm
Overall width (Width) ... 195mm
Height (Height) ... 131mm
Wheelbase (Wheelbase) ... 260mm
Accessories (With) ... High Definition decal. masking film. dedicated rear spoiler

※ only light cover is sold separately.
※ running chassis. tire. wheel. Illuminations LED lights. side mirrors. muffler. license plate does not come with this product.
※ wheel of the photograph. we use mesh wheel strengthening Ver. Matte silver (offset 6) the factory Mikuni Corporation.
※ The light parts of the photo. I am using wrap up next manufactured by real 3D decal.
※ This product is ordered unpainted. and unassembled. To paint the body. polycarbonate dedicated paint is required.