Full Counter Solid Axle Set (FCD Rear 2.0)

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\2,592 JPY
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\2,380 JPY
Related ring gear/YD-4 drive relationship/Doripake drive relationship
FCD to change the drive ratio between the front and rear. to enable the running of counter drift drift package (full counter drift) gear set. In the high-speed gear rear is the rotation of 2.0 times the rotational speed of the front. and is compatible with high-grip road surface. such as carpet road surface. You need to take a few more delicate operation compared to normal. Experts only item.

The set includes
Solid axle L Solid Axle 1
Solid axle R Solid Axle 1
Ring gear Ring Gear 1
Counter gear Counter Gear 1
Screw 2.6mm Screw 1
Washer 2.6mm Washer 1
Lock nut 2.6mm Nylon Nut 1
Joint ring Joint Ring 2
Spacer shims 8mm Spacer Simm 2