Aluminum Front Steering Hub Carrier (Caster10 Red)

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\3,456 JPY
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\1,728 JPY
Parts Bargain Item/DIB suspension/DRB
Aluminum steering block Drift Package DRB for 10 degrees caster is (DRB Limited color). (The axis of rotation of the steering block) kingpin axis is tilted 10 degrees compared to 4 degrees of normal. it is possible to change the steering characteristics.
It is effective tire contact patch point and the trailing side than the axis of rotation of the steering block by caster angle increases. steering response and improved linearity is. such as being mild in the grip run. but in the case of drift is by ground surface changes in the surface of the tread when you turn off the steering and straight running increases. changes in the characteristics of the steering operation can be expected. When traveling at zero one R tires. it is possible to change the grounding condition of the rubber part and the resin ring portion by ground camber is changed. it can have a significant impact on the setting in particular. Because it is part congenial to full counter drift you install a solid axle FCD. please try.