Bargain 1.3 x 9.5 Volume isometric spring (Green)

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\626 JPY
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\300 JPY
To achieve a supple suspension that are indispensable to drift. Long type of spring will be a new appearance!
In various circuits of the total length 32mm spring that has been set data based on the that obtained in the actual running. in addition to the conventional equal-length spring five. also four line unequal-length type which allows for finer settings You.
This unequal-length spring is different parts of the pitch are mixed in a single spring. while supplementing with winding fine part a small vibration absorption and mild initial reaction. firmly caught the weight in rough part at the time of a big roll. traction improvement to contribute to. it has become a product that combines the contradictory properties.
Setting the width by combining a equal pitch spring are greatly enlarged. it is possible to obtain an operation tailored to the respective drift style.
Since the spring length than the spring of kit standard will be longer. please a combination of D-064 aluminum spring cup for vehicle height adjustment.