YD-2S Aluminum Special Motor Mount (Red)

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\3,132 JPY
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\2,900 JPY
YD-2 drive relationship
A special motor mount for the high mount motor YD-2S.
The aluminum heat sink shape has a high cooling effect and efficiently cools the motor during drift driving. which tends to heat up.
In addition. a special stay to which a 30 mm square cooling fan can be attached is also included. so if you prepare a cooling fan for cooling the motor separately. the cooling effect will be even higher.
The motor mount of YD-2S can move the motor position back and forth in 3 stages depending on the mounting position. but with this special motor mount. you can set it more finely within the movement range. and by selecting from a total of 7 stages. it is more detailed. It is possible to set the weight balance.
Red alumite color.