Brass rear hub carrier for YD-2 series

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\6,820 JPY
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\6,200 JPY
YD-2 chassis etc
A brass rear hub carrier that can be used in common with all YD-2 series cars.
Compared to the resin rear hub carrier (7.2g). the brass carrier weighs 49g in total on the left and right. and has the effect of increasing the grip due to the contact patch pressure of the tire.
Since the unsprung weight that the weight directly applies to the tire increases. it is possible to effectively increase traction compared to the weight increase to the chassis side.
Although there are some disadvantages such as deterioration of exercise performance due to weight increase. it is an impression that the advantage of traction improvement is greater for drift radio control.
You will especially feel the effect on P tiles. concrete roads. and low-grip asphalt.