HEX driver 1.5mm black

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\550 JPY
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\500 JPY
A new racing tool that you should definitely use for machine assembly and maintenance.
High-quality high-carbon steel tip bit and red alumite bright aluminum handle Lacy package. quality that can be confidently recommended to all radio-controlled car users. but super-reasonable price setting that overturns conventional wisdom Is realized.
It is a quality tool that can meet the demands of expert users. but due to its pricing. it is the best product for beginners.
His 4-piece set of hex / nut screwdrivers that match machines using button head screws such as the YD-2 series is also available. so if you purchase it at the same time as the kit. the assembly finish will be much better. Thats right.
High carbon steel is a highly durable material. so it will become the standard toolbox as a driver that can be used for a long time.