Rear toe control system for YD-2S

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\12,960 JPY
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\12,140 JPY
YD-2 suspension
Introducing a rear toe control set that dramatically improves the driving performance of the YD-2S series!
By installing a kingpin shaft on the rear hub carrier and connecting a linkage for toe control. it is possible to change the toe angle according to the suspension operation.
The constituent parts are also made of aluminum lower caster block. aluminum hub carrier. and graphite arm plate to make it lightweight and highly rigid.
Since the damper is also attached to the front side of the suspension arm. the weight of the rear overhang is reduced and it looks lacy.
Various settings are possible depending on the angle of the rod corresponding to the operation of the suspension. but for example. if you set it to bump-in that changes to toe-in when the suspension sinks. it will have smooth turning performance at the corner entrance. but it will be a corner. When the throttle is turned on at the exit. various settings such as raising the rear grip to make it easier to accelerate. or setting it to bump out to make a dynamic swing from a stable straight and produce a drift with a long distance. Is possible.
In addition. the toe angle adjustment at rest can be easily changed steplessly. greatly expanding the range of settings.