L-EP6 Brushless speed controller (included with programmer)

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\8,580 JPY
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\7,800 JPY
Brushless ESC
It is a brushless speed controller that comes with a programmer and realizes a reasonable price while supporting each category of on. off. and drift.
In addition to Yokomos sensor-type brushless motors. it is also possible to drive general-purpose sensorless motors.
Of course. it is recommended for beginners and intermediates. but the output characteristics can be adjusted by changing the program. and it has the performance to cover all the motors in the stock category. so it is a product that can be used for a long time even after improving driving skills. It has become.
The attached programmer is attractive for easy-to-understand operation with one button.
You can easily set while watching the LED lighting by simply combining normal button operation and long press.
Since the setting items are also summarized in a simple manner. it is easy to handle even for those who are introducing a brushless motor for the first time.