DP-302 V4 Quad system built-in gyro

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Innovative new features
New generation drift performance gyro V4 appeared!

Ultra high performance new generation steering gyroscope DP-302V4 finally emerges. which is equipped with a newly developed quad system that can be selected from 4 modes. from drivers beginners to high-level competition participants. corresponding to a wide range of users.

With the new adoption of a high-performance chip. it realized great hunting suppression.
The aluminum enclosure adopted a thin design. and we applied a gold alumite floating feeling to the bevel edge.
Inherited the steering end point system which is easy to set. which was popular with RPG-302V3. newly added dual gain control and dual gain mode!

¢£ Compared with conventional gyroscopes. hunting is greatly reduced.
¢£ In SOFT mode. suppressing the initial reaction of the gyro. it becomes easier to capture the grip of the front. (Tile / carpet direction towards the road)
¢£ In HRAD mode. by improving the initial response of the gyroscope. it will be most suitable for beginners and large-scale course use.

In ASSIST mode. gyro correction works strongly for driver operation. so even beginners can enjoy RWD easily.
The NOR mode gives priority to the steering operation of the driver. enabling more competitive driving.
The maximum steering angle at which the gyroscope works can be adjusted at an arbitrary position.