ZERO 3 Brushless Motor 13.5T

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\10,450 JPY
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\9,500 JPY
Brushless Motor
Yokomos standard motor. which has been well received by all RC car users. is now available in the highly evolved ZERO 3! With 5 types of turns from 8.5T to 21.5T. it is a lineup that can handle any category.

The motor case. which has undergone a major makeover. has become a separate type. improving heat dissipation and achieving weight reduction equivalent to that of racing motors. The chic matte black alumite gives it a luxurious feel. and the highly conductive gold connector gives it a lacy image that you wouldnt think of as a standard his motor. It is also equipped with an advance angle adjustment function. and by rotating it up to 60 degrees. it is possible to set various output characteristics by combining it with the power feeling setting on the ESC side.

Of course. it is a sensor type motor with excellent response. but since it is a dual sensor specification that can install the connector of the sensor cable in two places. it can be installed smartly on any machine. It is a super standard motor that can be used in all categories and in any situation.

Motor cord connected
Sensor cable (100mm) included