Drift competition spring set (4 types. 2 pieces each)

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\3,630 JPY
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\3,300 JPY
Damper & Spring
It is a drift-only spring that achieves both machine response and running stability.
An unpainted spring that maximizes the characteristics of steel. With a lineup that assumes competitive driving. the progressive type. in which the winding pitch changes from the middle. reliably maintains the vehicle height in rough areas. and brings out the softness of traction in the multiple winding areas. and is used for the rear. When used on the front. the smoothness of the slide is produced. and when used on the front. the steering response is mild.
In addition. since the rebound stroke can be used flexibly for roll movements and uneven road surfaces. it is possible to drive with a higher level of ground contact. Basically. the total length is set to 26.5mm. but only 1.3mm is set to 28mm to make it easier to maintain the vehicle height.
The linear winding 1.5mm spring is especially suitable for the front and can improve the steering response. Even if you increase the response of the steering gyro by turning back. etc.. the responsiveness is attractive enough to feel the response.

set content
Progressive 1.328mm (2 pieces)
Progressive 1.426.5mm (2 pieces)
Progressive 1.526.5mm (2 pieces)
Linear 1.526.5mm (2 pieces)