PANDEM GR86 body set

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\8,580 JPY
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\7,800 JPY
TOYOTA/195199mm Body
The Toyota GR86. which is popular among sports cars. will be released as a body set in the PANDEM specification. which has a fearless finish with impressive over fenders.
The body width is approximately 200mm. making it suitable for both drifting and speed driving. with a design that emphasizes the deep constrictions on the sides of the body. The shapes of the front grille and rear diffuser have been recreated using Yokomos specialty modeling technology. creating an impressive form.
All parts are integrally molded. making the body extremely easy to make. The body material is also made of thick polycarbonate. giving it a high level of rigidity and durability. Comes with light window decal.

*The image is a painted example. The product is an unpainted clear body.