(Scheduled to be released in mid-December)Super dog fighter assembly kit with body

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\69,300 JPY
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\62,370 JPY
The famous YZ-870c Super Dogfighter. which dominated the glamorous off-road scene in the 1980s. is finally back! !
A chassis kit that captivated off-road fans around the world.
We will faithfully reproduce the configuration that can be said to be the origin of modern machines. such as the FRP chassis. 2-belt drive. and double wishbone suspension.
In order to enjoy driving on circuits. etc.. we have installed a short-sized Li-po battery holder and adopted a gear differential. but we have opened a slot for the 6-cell battery in the main chassis. and the front and rear gear boxes are also made of aluminum. The construction is such that you can enjoy the atmosphere of the time. such as using cast iron and 1.9-inch wheels/tires.
Of course. the body has a roof duct that reproduces the shape of the time. and the wings are fixed with wire for a nostalgic feeling. making it a legendary model that is both good to drive and satisfying to display.

Product packaging: Highly reproducible packaging reminiscent of 1987.
Main chassis: The FRP main chassis has a battery slot that can accommodate sub-C size batteries. as well as thick/thin short lipo batteries.
Suspension arm and knuckle: The suspension arm is the same size as the original. and the front and rear common knuckles are made of aluminum and reproduced as they are.
Bulkhead: The aluminum bulkhead faithfully reproduces the model at the time. The bulkhead cap and rod end are also milky white. reproducing the original.
Body. under cowl. and wing: The body. under cowl. and rear wing also completely reproduce the original form.
Shock tower: The original FRP front and rear shock towers are also reproduced as they are.
Differential gear/main gear: Front and rear gear differentials and slipper clutch are standard equipment to support current power sources.
Shock: The shock reproduces the original alumite color and uses an adjustment nut system to allow for wide capacity settings.
Tires and foils: The tire pattern. wheel color and size are reproduced with the original dimensions.