Brass rear H arm weight base (10g) for Y2-008RAW

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\4,950 JPY
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\4,500 JPY
Rooky Drift
Brass weight attached to the rear arm. This is an optional part for RD2.0/SD2.0 that can be combined with the aluminum Y2-008RAW rear H arm to systematically increase rear traction.
By mounting weights on the highly rigid aluminum H-arm. it is possible to increase the unsprung weight that is directly applied to the rear tires. effectively increasing tire traction. Unlike increasing the weight of the chassis. the load is applied regardless of the pitching action. so the slide is well contained even when entering a corner. and a sense of stability can be maintained. Contains two 10g weights that can be attached to the base weight.

Compatible chassis (optional)
SDR-020 / SDR-020P / SDR-020R / RDR-020 / RDR-020G