multi charger X1 RED

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\11,880 JPY
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\7,700 JPY

The body effectively can take advantage of the adoption of the pits around a compact tower shape slim
Aggregate output system on the front panel is easier than ever with the maneuverability of code
Improving the operability of the new type of liquid crystal panel in the adoption scroll-type menu display
Equipped with a convenient USB output port (5V2.1A). You can charge smartphones and tablet
Can display the battery temperature by mounting the temperature sensor (sold separately)
Battery meter function easily confirmed / possible to grasp the state of the battery in the mounting
New-generation high-voltage lithium battery. Li-HV corresponding mode installed (Note 1)
Note 1: Li-HV battery is Li-Po voltage higher rated voltage than the batteries: 3.8V / charging completion voltage: This is to become the battery 4.35V.
Note: If you charge a conventional Li-po in the Li-HV mode will overcharge therefore please note.

Charge. discharge. balance charging and discharging. TVC (terminal voltage control). storage (storage charge) function. cycles of charge-discharge. battery meter. PC control USB port. various safety functions
Correspondence battery Li-Po. Li-Fe. Li-Ion. Li-HV. Ni-MH. Ni-Cd. PB (lead)

The number of corresponding cell
Li-Po / Li-Fe / Li-Ion / Li-HV: 1 ~ 6 cell. NiMH / Ni-Cd: 1 ~ 15 cell. PB: 2 ~ 20V
Input voltage AC100 ~ 240V 50Hz-60Hz / DC11 ~ 18V
Charging current
0.1A ~ 6.0A (maximum 60W)
Discharge current 0.1A ~ 2.0A (maximum 5W)
Dimensions 159 ¡ß 72.5 ¡ß 123 mm
Weight 470 g
The maximum power ¢¨ The charge. determined at the time of discharge in the battery terminal voltage ¡ß current at that time. This will automatically limit the current value if more than the maximum power.

¡û X1 RED charger body ¡û AC power cable
¡û Tamiya type connector cable
¡û balance connector board (JST-XH)