multi charger X1 AC PLUS 3

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\10,260 JPY
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\6,650 JPY
set content
• X1 AC PLUS III charger body
• AC input cable
• 2 pin / T type (Deans type) connector
• DC cable (Alligator clip)
• Balance conversion board (JST-XH type)
•instruction manual

• Improved DC supply function from maximum output 60W to W80W
• Easy-to-read LCD Japanese Kana display Easy-to-understand operation Easy-to-use English display!
• The battery status can be managed numerically in 3I battery mode of DJI Mavic Pro
• AC connection provides MAX80W DC power supply power output. and can supply 12V to other devices while charging. (Output distribution)
• Ni-MH fully charged with auto repeat function
• Terminal voltage control function that can set charge completion voltage arbitrarily
• Internal resistance display function to check the battery deterioration status
• Storage save mode to keep Li-Po battery life
• Voltage check of each cell with battery checker function
• Equipped with Li-HV mode compatible with high voltage Li-Po

basic specifications

Supported battery
Li-Po. Li-Fe. Li-Ion. Li-HV. Ni-MH. Ni-Cd. PB (lead)
Corresponding number of cells
Li-Po / Li-Fe / Li-ion / Li-HV: 1 to 6 cells. Ni-MH / Ni-CD: 1 to 15 cells. PB: 2 to 20 V. DJI Mavic Pro: 3 cells

Input voltage
AC 100V to 240V · DC 11V to 18V
Charging current
0.1 to 6A (up to 80W)

Discharge current
0.1 to 2A (up to 10W)
Balance port current
Max 300mA / cell

DC power output
13.8V / Max 80W
Trickle charge current
50mA to 300mA & OFF

135 x 110 x 60 mm
390 g