AAA battery-only single cell discharger Blu (Minutes)

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¢£ AAA Ni-Cd. maximize the life and condition of the nickel-metal hydride battery
AAA battery-only single cell discharger is the equipment that you can use the four AAA batteries and reconstituted in conditioner in which a single cell discharge is management.
AAA Ni-Cd. was adopted each cell diode auto-cut system in order to maximize the life and condition of the nickel-metal hydride battery.
For clarity the discharge status of each cell was used for high-brightness LED lamp.
Also. when such as Minute race is designed in a type that can be used even without a separate power supply. it will be able to easily manage the battery.

¢£ easy-to-use screw terminals and the safety design of the heat sink case use
Put the four AAA batteries can simply by discharge management tighten the terminal screws.
Safe use of the discharge in the foundation gets hot with a dedicated heat sink aluminum case design allows you to.
Black. we offer a blue two anodized colors.

Size 55x75x25mm
Weight 88g
The number of adaptive cell (Ni-MH. Ni-Cd) AAA batteries 1 to 4
Maximum discharge ampere 0.5A
No input voltage
Case aluminum
(Please separate the battery from the always discharger tray Narimashitara to the LED consumption lights so you micro-current discharge after the 0.9V cut.) Cut voltage 0.9V