Radio-controlled drifting latest techniques Complete Guide

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RC magazine
From the latest know-how of the R / C drift. thorough explanation to the basic.
For Yokomo Drift Package. posted the latest from custom to counter drift course and parts catalog.
In the second feature It approaches the charisma of real face of Futari that General Chinpirano ¡ù and Kondo custom.
Also that Gifu R31HOUSE and Kumamoto of D-Like. even local leading two major manufacturers of interviews published.
Others. the machine snap works driver in R31HOUSE. and explains the Shooting Techniques of D-LIKE In machine introduction & topic of the video.
Such as Radio-controlled drifting Introduction to the COOL body snap collection and the most basic that have been interviewed in the east and west of the event. it was recorded a wide variety of expertise and information. it is a book of whole one book Radio-controlled drifting.