Yokomo 180SX for Light parts rounded corners Altezza Lights set

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\2,618 JPY
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\2,570 JPY
Electric equipment
Yokomo for 180SX as half a point light parts. Altezza Lights. is a set of turn signal parts.
Light parts revival round corner type also renewed addition to rounding 4 light!
The sale of many were single part of the request is also OK.

curl type 5 mm 4 light. round corner type the outer 5 mm. inside 3 mm LED specification (also changed to 5 mm possible).

Altezza Lights also more realistic in chrome paint & 3 mm LED4 lights specification (here also be changed to 5 mm)!

turn signal parts are chrome coating. 3 mm LED specification (changeable here also 5 mm).

tail lens. you can very easily illumination if there is even masking of the blinker unit.