Wild Willy WR-02 Special 4-piece set

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\2,640 JPY
Sale price:
\1,680 JPY
I will be part of the WR-02 chassis .
Contact Become a mounting is available in the ( + bond Paste bumper cover ) bolt-on all
Not be secured.
Can be mounted easily .

For undercover .
The shape of the front gear box of WR-02 chassis
For the structure . impact applied to the left and right suspension pinch
There is a risk of non-traveling. cracked suspension arms as well big root .
It prevents damage to disperse the shock at the two-point fixed when I put this under cover .
There are more effective when I use also Bonto There are more flexible .
We also open hole services that can respond to a screw loose servo .

For rear under cover .
It is a version of the rear of the front under cover for .
Of killing two birds with one stone will be integrated with the reinforcing plate of the other set of 4 to cover the rear differential
It becomes the part .
It is also available in the bolt-on installation .