XARVIS dedicated high-speed rotating fan unit (REY-Storm) Red

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\5,184 JPY
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\4,800 JPY
Brushless Other Parts/COOLING FAN
By brushing up the high power FAN unit. which has been well received in the past. and achieving the industrys highest class air volume by ultra-high-speed rotation design.
The FAN body is an aluminum case. and it is packaged with a 3D aluminum fan shield that can be used alone as a heat sink.
The color lineup is three colors in line with XARVIS. achieving high heat dissipation performance in addition to high-class design.

Of course. FUTABA company [MC970CR] can also be used.

Please experience the power cooling by the industrys largest air volume by all means.

[Be sure to use our specially designed FAN for XARVIS] XARVIS is equipped with a dedicated circuit for FAN. and a high efficiency cooling system is built.
Due to the characteristics of the dedicated circuit. when another companys FAN is used. the volume may be large initially because it is driven beyond the capacity of the FAN itself. but not only the FAN itself will be damaged by continuous use. but also XARVIS It may also lead to malfunction or damage. with a very large risk.