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\30,240 JPY
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\28,000 JPY
Brushless ESC

Equipped with industry-leading high-performance FET elements (according to our research as of December 2019)

The FET element directly connected to the essential performance of E.S.C. such as output current is equipped with the highest level element that does not allow other follow-up. and the control circuit is also brushed up.
The basic performance such as torque and efficiency that users demand for E.S.C.

Battery reverse connection protection circuit and alert LED for reverse connection

[XARVIS XX] achieves both the industrys highest output (as of December 2019) by protecting the circuit board by reverse connection and optimizing the FET circuit.
In addition. it is equipped with an alert LED to notify the reverse connection.
Prevents E.S.C. PCB damage due to reverse connection for about 10 seconds.

* The protection target of this circuit is the ESC circuit board.
We do not guarantee the protection of the Chevalier series. capacitors. or external devices.

BEC voltage switching (6.0 / 7.4V) function

In addition to the BEC voltage switching function. the output current has been increased.
Powerful driving is possible even with a 7.4V input compatible high torque servo.

Equipped with two terminals dedicated to our various cooling fans (including FLEDGE fan)

Two FAN dedicated terminals are installed. and our products [XARVIS dedicated ultra-high speed FAN unit / REY-Storm]
[Forced air-cooled brushless motor FLEDGE] can be connected simultaneously.
(If you use our FAN. the original performance of the FAN may not be achieved by supplying power from the BEC terminal of the receiver.)

Reconstructed our original 3D bridge (FAN floating installation) structure

The worlds first construction with XARVIS. our original 3D bridge structure that realizes efficient cooling by installing FAN from the top of E.S.C.
Along with the original design evolution of the top surface based on [X]. the flow capacity on E.S.C. has been greatly increased.
It boasts even higher cooling performance.

New capacitor mounting terminal

In addition to the battery connection terminal. a small capacitor terminal is installed.
Soldering work has been made easier.

XARVIS XX original setting items will be added at any time by installing a new program control circuit [* Note 1]

Based on XARVIS. a new program control circuit unique to XARVIS XX is installed.
In addition to the new setting items torque level / torque end point and BEC voltage switching.
Setting items exclusively for XARVIS XX will be added at any time.

[Torque level]: This is a setting item for adjusting the torque feeling of acceleration / deceleration.
[Torque end point] This item determines the throttle level effect to be effective up to the neutral position. starting from the neutral position.
Refer to the instruction manual for details.

* Torque level and torque end point functions are available when using our motors before LUXON BS and motors of other companies.
Setting is not possible or incorrect and cannot be used.
Both torque and BEC-related functions are set for TAO II when XARVIS XX is released. but will also be available for FUTABA S.BUS compatible transmitters.

Supports wireless and wired communication by TAO [* Note 1]

Simple settings can be changed with the buttons on the XARVIS XX main unit.
The use of TAO II greatly increases the items and values that can be set. and drastically improves drivability.
[Click here for a comparison of items that can be set with the XARVIS XX main unit and items that can be set with TAO II (under construction)]
Communication with TAO II uses the LINK terminal mounted on the front of XARVIS XX. so there is no need to replace the RX cable from the receiver.
In addition. connect the LINK terminal and brain unit (TAO II all-in-one package accessory or OP-15012)
By connecting via an air link adapter (OP-15065). wireless two-way communication with TAO II is possible.
(Click here for details on connecting to TAO)

Supports wireless communication with FUTABA S.BUS compatible transmitter (update required)

If you are using a Futaba Electronics Co.. Ltd. S.BUS compatible transmitter. you can connect an optional S.BUS adapter (OP-15067)
It is possible to change setting data using the screen of the transmitter. and to display the motor speed. ESC temperature. battery voltage. etc. on the transmitter in real time.
In addition. XARVIS XX update is required to perform wireless communication using a transmitter. (Click here for details)
* The update page will be updated after XARVIS XX is released.
* For compatible transmitters. please contact Futaba Electronics Industry Co.. Ltd. (You may need to update the transceiver.)
Since setting data cannot be saved in the transmitter. use TAO II to save and manage the setting data.
* If XARVIS XX is updated to S.BUS compatible. you can change settings and save data in TAO II as usual. but you will not be able to use the TAO II data logging function.
* Items that can be set with TAO II may differ from items that can be set with a S.BUS compatible transmitter manufactured by FUTABA.

Corresponds to the setting change by Ne-St

XARVIS dedicated setting controller [Ne-St] (nested) can also be used.
A version with additional setting data suitable for XARVIS XX will be released.

Non-boost / non-turbo status can be seen with LED

When the boost turbo is not used. the LED blinks. and it also supports regulations such as tournaments where the use of these functions is restricted.

[* Note 1]
To be able to communicate between TAO II and XARVIS XX. TAO II needs to be updated.
You can also change the settings of XARVIS and AIRIA (both wired and wireless) after updating TAO II to firmware compatible with XARVIS XX. but please note the following.
Setting items added as XARVIS XX dedicated functions such as torque level related functions and BEC voltage switching function do not function when using XARVIS and AIRIA.
-The data log function is only available when using XARVIS XX.