High traction seat (hard) clear 4 pieces

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High traction seat [soft] translucent] which can feel the traction up can be released just by putting it under the spring of the damper. !
High traction seat [medium] black on sale now on sale that you can feel the traction up easily can be easily felt simply by assembling it under the spring of damper. High traction seat [soft] translucent and high A new line-up of traction seat [hard] clear is released!
The effect of the high traction seat is to improve the feeling of touch! You will stop well! I will not be washed away! Rubber tire feeling comes out! I feel that the rolling resistance of the tire is reduced! You will be able to hold the throttle more than ever! There are many ways to feel it.
Why do you feel like the traction goes up? By building this high traction seat. the load on the spring of the damper will be received and it will feel like converting that force to the road surface. Recently. although I have built a slip tire made of resin on a low-mu road surface. I think that I am trained daily to eat the tire. but this is the solution!
Soft of the High Traction Seat takes advantage of its soft properties to improve the running ability of the gap and to have a smooth turning and tenacious feel. [Medium] is an intermediate property between soft and hard. and becomes an all-round property. [Hard] takes advantage of the hard characteristics to improve the feeling of kick with resilience and feel like improving the linear feeling. Although it is a rough explanation. I think that you can refer to it.
It can be installed if it supports each company damper. a spring with an inner diameter of 14 mm. and a spring cup for a spring with an inner diameter of 14 mm. It can be attached to Yokomo YD-2 / 4 big bore damper. Tamiya TRF damper. overdose damper. TOPLINE. etc.

In the case of overdose spring cup. attach it so that high traction seat does not stick out because the outside diameter is a little small. Or. it is also recommended to use the aluminum spring sheet Type-2 for hybrid & helper drift springs.

In the case of installation. thickness of high traction seat is 1mm. and car height will go up by thickness of seat as there is 1mm. Re-adjust the vehicle height with the preload adjustment of the damper or the down type spring cup before driving.

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High Traction Seat Hard Clear 4 pieces