Aluminum Servo Saber Horn Type-2 Black

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\3,200 JPY
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Aluminum Servo Saber Horn Type-2 is out.
Drift machine that tires often protrude from the body due to large cutting angle and geometry.
The burden on the servo at the time of a crash is also very large. and in the worst case the servo will be damaged.
In order to prevent this beforehand. ServoSaver is one of indispensable items.
On the other hand. the use of gyroscopes became common with the advent of RWD machines. and it became necessary to mechanically adjust the neutral of the steering to equalize the right and left break angle in order to operate the gyro accurately.
Traditionally. it was difficult to achieve both functions of servo saver and neutral adjustment. but at this time OD developed a new servo saver that simultaneously functions both servo saver and neutral adjustment by adopting a new structure.
With this. you will be able to enjoy drift driving exactly without worrying about servo damage.

¢¨ OD 1462 servo saver horn is required separately.