HT brass wheel spacer 4 pieces

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\324 JPY
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\300 JPY
¢£ RC926 Wheel spacers and M3 spacers have been newly added to the high traction (brass) product series that is becoming a standard item!
¢£ As a benefit of the stickiness and increased specific gravity of the brass material. you can expect an improvement in the feeling of ground contact and a feeling of tracing!
¢£ When the HT brass wheel spacer is assembled on the front. the feeling of ground contact and trace feeling are improved. When assembled to the rear. it is expected to improve the feeling of ground contact and kicking. and the feeling of pushing the car forward. improving the turning force.
Also. the number of sheets to be assembled can be expected to change. so please choose the number of sheets you like.
* The thickness of the HT brass wheel spacer is 0.5 mm. so the tread width increases depending on the number of sheets assembled. If necessary. adjust the thickness of the wheel hub and the offset amount of the wheel.
¢£ The feeling of ground contact can be improved depending on where the HT Brass M3 spacer is installed. For example. it can be used for various purposes such as adjusting the wheelbase of the lower suspension arm and attaching the upper arm of the knuckle.