High Performance Damper Shaft (WPC) Tamiya / Yokomo YD Series 30 mm 4 pcs

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RX-12J CE-RX Suspension relationship/CE-RX Suspension relationship/YD-2 suspension/YD-4 suspension/DAMPER SPRING PARTS
Because the piston rod is made slightly longer than genuine and slightly shorter. the range of adjustment of the car height widens.
By performing WPC processing. smooth friction movement can be experienced as frictional resistance decreases in addition to strength increase.

High Performance Damper Shaft (WPC) For Tamiya / Yokomo YD series. the high performance damper piston when using it for Tamiya cylinder is perfect!
Rod Guide for High Performance Damper · When using the O-ring set for Tamiya cylinder. the compatibility is also naturally battle!

What is WPC processing
It is a technology to modify the surface by mixing fine particles on the surface of the shaft with compressible gas and making it collide at high speed.
As the surface is modified. it increases hardness and strengthens the surface. and at the same time. the surface shape changes to micro dimples. improving friction wear characteristics.
The surface of the visible shaft is finished very smoothly. and as a result of continuing the test. there is no worry about oil leaks at all.
In WPC processing
By making fine particles collide at high speed. it densifies the metal surface and gives a kind of quenching effect.
By utilizing this effect. the fatigue strength of parts will be greatly improved.