Lightweight ball diff joint set for YD-2

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\4,298 JPY
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\3,582 JPY
Yokodori official recognition RC-ART parts/YD-2 drive relationship
Super lightweight diff joint that demonstrates the performance of the original ball diff!

¡ù It was too heavy so far and the original performance of the ball diff could not be fully utilized. and the usage rate of the gear diff was high.
¡¦ By changing the material of the diff cup and diff ring. the diff ring part has an appropriate rigidity to make the diff ring and diff ball torque applied evenly.
¡¦ The cup part is made of Delrin material that emphasizes super light weight and good sliding.

¡ù Even those who have been concerned about differential adjustment until now have solved one shot! !
¡By performing fine adjustment. the performance of the ball differential can be fully demonstrated.
¡¦ The diff screw is securely fixed from the outside with a 1.5mm hexagon wrench.
¡Turning the opposite tire to the right will increase the torque. and turning it to the left will decrease the torque.

¡¦ As shown in the picture. the torque of the differential can be adjusted easily and easily from the outside by fixing it with a 1.5mm hexagon wrench and turning the opposite tire.

This product is a certified part of Yokomo Drift Meeting 2019.