YD-2 Short Rear Suspension Arm Suspension Block (for Jaeger) Black 2 pieces

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\4,298 JPY
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\3,582 JPY
RX-14J CE-RX Suspension relationship/RX-12J CE-RX Suspension relationship
Completely expert parts! !

¡ü Item that allows the installation of a short arm that can enhance the traction performance around the rear!
¡ù The compatibility of Jaeger. which is a belt car. and the short arm that speeds up the movement of the foot is outstanding.

¡ü I made it for the installation of the short arm which Jager user requested.
¡ù Using Yokomo for Suspin. etc.. settings such as toe angle are the same as Yokomo.

* Suspin and Susball are changed to Yokomo.
Things other than suspension arm related
¡¦ B8-301BS BD8 suspension mount bush
¡¦ BD-301B Suspension arm pin ball for BD7 / BD5 (with ¦Õ3 / 4)
¡¦ BD-009BR BD7 / BD-5 Rear Inner Suspension Arm Pin (¦Õ3 ¡ß 45mm)