RX - 12 J Low Mount Aluminum Damper Stay F (Black)

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\4,946 JPY
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\4,122 JPY
RX-12J CE-RX chassis etc
Jaegers fighting power goes to the next stage!

¡û The damper can be used at the optimum piston position by making the front mount about 3 mm and the rear about 7 mm low mount.
¡û Aluminum damper stay and realize the lightness which I do not think securing strength comparable to conventional products!
¡û Increase the mounting hole of the upper arm to accommodate short suspension arms etc.
¡û By installing damper L angle angle [ART 2386 / ART 2387] previously released that can be mounted on the damper stay. it becomes possible to adjust the damper angle in millimeters.

Conventional product RX-12J Aluminum damper stay F about 11 g
New type RX-12J low mount aluminum damper stay F about 8 g
Conventional product RX - J Aluminum damper stay R Approx. 19.5 g
New type RX - J low mount aluminum damper stay R Approximately 12.8 g