Lightweight upper arm female screw (black) Parts for EXPERT for competition

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\3,758 JPY
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\3,250 JPY
Type C Suspension Related/Drift Accessories/RX-12J CE-RX Suspension relationship
Hold the upper with an unprecedented structure!
Surprising exercise performance obtained by reducing the unsprung load!

It is an ultra-compact upper arm that is useful for the front A arm and the rear variable arm.
It is possible to minimize backlash by finely adjusting the backlash with nylon nuts.
By greatly reducing the unsprung load. the movement of the foot changes drastically.

Note: Fine adjustment with a nylon nut is essential. and it is best to move the arm and stop it up and down without getting caught by moving it by hand.
When you hit the damper stay with your finger. it feels like the arm falls down.

By changing the front upper relationship of Jaeger 12.2. it is possible to reduce the weight by 15g.
(Aluminum A arm)

Note: The upper arm rod is fixed with a nut and is required separately.