Lightweight 13T hybrid pulley (brown)

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\2,138 JPY
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\1,850 JPY
Pulley and Belt
A response created by ultra-lightweight that you have never experienced before!

Achieves lightness and durability with a hybrid of resin and aluminum

Two colors. black and brown

You can check the number of pulleys by the number of markings on the side of the pulley.

¡ù We have succeeded in reducing the weight by 40% compared to our aluminum pulley.
¡ù The center boss part penetrates the pulley part to hold the pulley part pulled by the belt on the left and right to stabilize the rotation.

In the test with Jaeger. the controllability is improved to the acceleration like the gear car (YD-2) that has never existed before and the turning performance that the belt car is good at.